Interesting points of reality and curious fiction drive much of the iconography in each drawing I make. The mundane and subtle moments that are created in empty space and between places focus into the details of unnerving awkwardness. I choose to create images based on landscape that are not quite perspectively correct, creating both a comforting glance and a more deserved second look. Most of my work has been about trying to minimize the amount of imagery used to create an overall feeling of space but at the same time overwhelming the page with line mark and texture. The play between minimalism and complete chaos creates a curious nature that I enjoy being part of my implied landscapes and non-narrative structures. Constantly looking to change viewpoint and aesthetic nature I have focused on the more minimalistic aspects of my curiosities. Tall trees that surround Maine have been interrupting my new drawings and shift the eye around implied cliffs, mountains, horizon and depths of water. Greater assumed implications of nature are inherent in the work. I often times feel myself completely overwhelmed, drowning almost, in deja-vous, reality, the magnitude of nature and life. In my work I hope to achieve all of these elements simplified into one image.